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We took everything the orignal Hopcat was praised for, and made it Bigger.  Get your hands on our flagship 45L all in one automated all grain brewing system in this fantastic combo  deal.


INCLUDES 5 Accessories worth £160:

- Hop Spider £20

- NEW 13M Chilling Coil with Built in Connections £55

- Whirlpool Arm Attachment £20

- Stainless Steel Mash Paddle £20

- Insulation Jacket with Hopcat Logo £45


Free: Chiller Upgrade to our new "no more compression fittings" chiller with built in fittings.


Add a Hopcat SS 32L/7 Gal Conical Fermenter - Pro Version for £100


*** Holds up to 15KG of Grain *** *** Telescopic Malt Pipe *** *** Built in Sightglass *** ***Brushed Metal Finish ***


Yes, that’s right, from the people who first brought you an affordable 30L All-in-One brewing system comes an even bigger and more affordable 45L All-in-One Automated Brewing System. Occupying only a fraction more space than the Original 30L Hopcat, this new 45L Hopcat is big enough, and powerful enough to meet all your brewing needs.


This Hopcat has been totally redesigned from the ground up to make it even better than the Original MK1 and Mk2 Hopcats. Its brushed metal finish, flexible return pipe, siteglass and telescopic overflow pipe are simple improvements that make a Hopcat Brewday, the Best Brewday.



1. 0.5mm*304sus water tank*1

2. 0.5mm*304sus basket*1

3. 350mm*304sus steel false bottom*1

4. 304sus over flow pipe +removable 304ss curve pipe

5. 304sus false bottom connect pipe 6. 304ss basket handle

7. Industrial magnetic drive pump

8. Step mashing program PCB and LCD screen

9. Temper Glass cover

10. 3*1.5mm2*2m power cord+VDE plug, visible length above 1.5m.

11. 220V-240V 2500W

12. size:Ф40x67cm (79.5cm with basket on top)

13. Memory function, recipe storage up to 9 programs.

14. Temperature adjust range minor to 0.1°C instead of 1°C.

15. Hop reminder setting

16. Step mashing increase 9 steps

17. Auto pause from 1st enter to 2nd and step before boiling

18. Modify settings on the fly.

45L Hopcat MK3 Mini MEGA

£599.00 Regular Price
£399.00Sale Price
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